Why Fabricated Stainless Steel Rails Are an Appropriate Choice for Your Pool Fencing

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Why Fabricated Stainless Steel Rails Are an Appropriate Choice for Your Pool Fencing

If you've installed a swimming pool in your home, and you have small children and pets, it is important that you fence the pool so as to prevent drowning accidents, which continue to devastate many Australian households every year. The first and the most important decision you will need to make is to choose a suitable fencing product for your pool. With so many fencing materials being offered for sale on the market, settling for a particular fence type can be a daunting thing. 

Generally speaking, a good pool fencing product should not only keep small children and pets out of the pool area, but it should also provide maximum protection against the elements it may be exposed to out there. Stainless steel rails are a product of the steel fabrication process. They are an appropriate choice for your pool fence installation because they are robust and difficult for small children and pets to breach, but also because they are impervious to the following pool elements that may degrade your pool fence:

The Sun

The Sun accentuates the beauty of our pools by making the crystal clear water sparkle during the daytime. But it may not be so gentle on steel. On hot days, steel can easily absorb heat from the sun and burn when touched. This is a problem that stainless steel fabricators usually consider when they are designing their products.

The stainless steel rails used for pool fencing applications are usually provided with paint and/or metallic coatings whose thermal properties are superior to that of the substrate material. This way, the final product can dissipate away solar heat without distortion problems. 

In addition, UV inhibitors may also be incorporated into the finishing of stainless steel rails to prevent premature fading, which may make pool fencing look old and neglected. 

Chlorinated Water

Without all the diving and splashing that usually takes place at the pool, going to the pool won't be that much fun. But the chlorinated water that splashes out of the pool can easily degrade steel rails if they are not protected against the chemicals. Aside from that, acidic rain can also trigger chemical reactions that may lead to corrosion. 

Depending on the type of chemicals used to treat your pool water, stainless steel pool fencing rails can be given a chemical-resistance coating to protect the underlying metal against exposure to salts and chlorine in the water that may cause rusting/corrosion. 

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