Go Against the Grain with a Stainless Steel Deck

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Go Against the Grain with a Stainless Steel Deck

A huge benefit of living in Australia is that you get to enjoy favourable weather conditions for most months of the year. Hence, homeowners will typically look for ways to make it easier for them to have an alfresco lifestyle so that they can make the most of the sunshine. One of the easiest structures you could erect to facilitate this is a deck. Although timber tends to be the mainstay when it comes to decking supplies, it is not mandatory to use this material. Individuals with contemporary styled homes may be looking for something that would be more streamlined with their overall design. A valid alternative is stainless steel. Here are reasons why you should consider going against the grain with a stainless steel deck.

Stainless steel decks are enduring

The typical reason why timber is the go-to material for construction supplies is its sturdiness. Wood will provide you with a stable structure while also enhancing the kerb appeal of your property. Nonetheless, stainless steel trumps timber when it comes to longevity. Wood is bound to succumb to structural issues due to weathering. In the long term, you will find you are spending a lot of money on repairs and maintenance to keep the timber in good condition. Stainless steel is a better alternative for your deck, as it is weather resistant. Moreover, professionally welded steel decking has a long lifespan as long as it is not neglected.

Stainless steel decks are less complex to assemble

Another reason why it is advisable to veer from timber decking and opt for stainless steel is the ease of assembly that this material offers. To begin with, you will have your choice of prefabricated steel decks, or you could choose to have your structure built on site. The ready-made variety are more convenient, as all the contractors would have to do is adjoin the structure to your home, and it will be ready for use.

Secondly, stainless steel is a much lighter material as compared to timber. Therefore, your contractors will have an easier time lugging the materials around as well as working on them than they would with lumber. This lightweight nature in effect reduces your labour costs. Lastly, stainless steel decks are straightforward to put together, as all the beams will have designated roles. Timber supplies, conversely, come from different sized trees, even if they are the same species, so there would still be some adjustments to be made to get the structure right.

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