Take advice on your land development

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Take advice on your land development

Have you come into possession of a piece of land that you would like to develop? Whatever you would like to do with your land it is important that you involve the right people to bring your project to a successful conclusion. By finding the right professionals you can maximising the benefits you receive at the end of the project. Failing to follow the correct procedures could result in costly mistakes or easily avoidable legal problems with your land development.

Is there an existing construction?

What state is the land in now? Sometimes you are fortunate enough to find a piece of land that has never been built on, but especially in cities it is probable that your land has been used for a variety of purposes in the past, and there may well be existing buildings that need to be taken down before you can construct something new. A professional demolition contractor will be able to help you with this, but remember to inform them of any special considerations that may affect their work. Will the proximity of surrounding properties mean that an implosion demolition is needed rather than a conventional demolition? Are there hazardous materials, such as asbestos on the site that will need to be carefully managed to avoid the spread of dangerous materials? Removing existing structures, and materials is the first step in your land development.

How many properties?

In some cases you may want to develop all of your land for your own purposes, but sometimes you will be thinking about a subdivision of your property. If you do want to arrange a subdivision then it can be a good idea to arrange for a professional to advise you as you proceed. Subdividing land isn't always straightforward, you will need to work closely with the local authorities and utility companies to ensure that everything is in order. This can be a time consuming process and having an experienced professional to guide you can take stress out of the situation.

Get a proper survey

Whatever land development you are proposing engaging professional land surveyors is essential. Surveyors will be able to accurately establish the boundaries of your property and to determine the exact position of your proposed new construction on the site. When you talk to the land surveyors you should clarify with them the exact scope of the service they are providing and how long the proposed survey will take to complete. It is the documentation provided by the surveyor that you will use to support the building application you submit to the authorities. Employing land surveyors and other professionals will ensure that your land development proceeds successfully without any unexpected delays or legal problems.

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