Timber Decking: Essential Tips for Preserving Your Outdoor Structure

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Timber Decking: Essential Tips for Preserving Your Outdoor Structure

Maintenance is critical for your timber decking. In general, this type of outdoor surface is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and relatively heavy usage. However, if the structure is neglected, it will experience premature wear and subsequent failure. The cost of repairs and replacement of worn wood will be high. If you are concerned about the durability of your deck, you should use these practical tips to ensure the prolonged service.

Clean Off Debris and Fungal Growths You should develop a timetable for cleaning your timber decking. These outdoor structures are exposed to dust, leaves, twigs and moisture after installation. If they are not cleaned, the grime will accumulate on the wood. Over time, mould and moss will grow and damage the wood. You should sweep or brush the timber to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. If the deck is discoloured or already showing signs of alien growths, you should purchase a speciality cleaner to brighten up and restore the wood.

Check for Rotting Timber decks can fail prematurely due to the rotting of the boards. Therefore, you should be diligent in checking the wood for signs of rot. If you chose the right timber for outdoor use, this detriment is a primary concern. However, caution can prevent unfortunate occurrences. Ideally, you should use a tool such as a screwdriver to check for rot. If the tool sinks significantly into the wood, the specific board might be rotten. You should replace the damaged boards.

Check for Pests Treated timber decks are protected from damage by pests such as termites and wood borers. However, there are some risks of infestation if the structure was not correctly installed. For example, if the supporting posts are in direct contact with the soil, you might have a problem with subterranean termites. Therefore, you should check for signs of the pests such as damaged wood, soil tunnels and living insects. For the best results, treat the deck regularly against insect damage. Also, if possible, you should remove and reinstall the structure correctly.

Seal the Timber Proper sealing of the wood will minimise the potential risk of water damage. Moisture can cause the accelerated deterioration of timber after penetration. If your deck is correctly sealed, the amount of water absorbed will be minimal. There are multiple sealants on the market to consider using in your home. Ideally, you should choose a product which will provide moisture protection, enhance the wood appeal and protect from ultraviolet degradation. 

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