Considerations When Installing Shop Shelves

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Considerations When Installing Shop Shelves

Shop fittings are essential in providing an aesthetic appeal and practical functionality to your shop. The most critical fittings for any shop are the shelves which are used to hold and display the items in your store. Failure to get the right shelves can significantly inconvenience your operations. As such, proper care has to be taken when selecting and installing the shelves. Below are various factors that you should take into consideration when installing shop fittings.

The budget

The amount of money you are willing to spend determines the type of shelves that you can install. Metal shelves are more durable and can hold heavy goods such as hardware tools and electronic equipment. However, the metal shelves are more costly compared to plastic shelves. If you have a smaller budget, you can use plastic shelves or wooden boards that are placed on metal frames. These are reasonably cheap, but they are not as durable, so you will have to replace them regularly.

The type of business

The type of business that you intend to undertake determines the shelves that you will install on your premises. An example is when your shop deals with phone accessories. In this case, smaller shelves are appropriate for this type of venture. On the other hand, if you sell hardware items, then you need to install strong shelves that can withstand their weight. Additionally, if you have a bookstore, you might want to leave a small reading area at the front of your customers. As such, you will have to use fewer shelves.

The amount of space available

The amount of space available in your store determines the type of shelves that you can install. If you have limited space, then getting freestanding shelves is not the best idea since they will occupy a lot of space. An ideal option that you can use is wall shelving, where the shelves are installed directly on the walls around the store. Another option is using pegboard shelving which requires the installation of perforated back panels and hooks. The advantage is that you can select different hooks based on the size of the items for sale. The disadvantage of this approach is that these shelves hold a limited amount of goods compared to flat panels.

You should always consult professional shop fitters who will offer advice on the best materials and layout to use in your store. This will reduce the possibility of mistakes arising during the installation process. 

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