Commercial Data Centre: How to Prevent Cabling Maintenance Problems

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Commercial Data Centre: How to Prevent Cabling Maintenance Problems

Your commercial data centre is critical to the optimal productivity of your business. This element of the operation allows for the performance of core tasks such as effective communication, management of finances and handling of transactions. Therefore, if the data centre fails, you will experience inconveniences and inefficiencies in your company. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid network problems entirely. However, you can minimise the challenges involved in repair and maintenance of your business computer systems by taking the following steps when setting up your data cabling. Here are some practical tips to help you keep your commercial data centre manageable.

Choose the Correct Cable Length

Incorrect cable length in your data centre can lead to tangling of the cords. Consequently, you will find it difficult to navigate the room and perform essential maintenance and repair processes. Therefore, you should be diligent in measuring the correct cable lengths for your applications. Make sure that there is minimal excess cable to avoid a 'spaghetti' mess. On the other hand, you should not install very short cables in your data centre. If the cords are too taut, they will disconnect from their points of attachments with more ease. Your business might experience downtime due to simple detachments. 

Use Colour Schemes and Labels

Troubleshooting a data centre is a challenging process because of the numerous cables in the setup. In simple terms, you must identify the specific section of the system which is causing malfunctions. If you cannot narrow down your search and identify the cables causing the network problems, you will end up compromising your company's productivity. Therefore, you should think about implementing a labelling and colour coding scheme. Ideally, you should use cables with a specific colour to handle unique data transmission processes. Using different colours for different applications will help you narrow down your search when troubleshooting. You should also label each of your cables on every end for quick identification of the cords.

Organise Your Data Centre

Finally, you should have a design scheme which minimises confusion in your data centre. The design of the entire space should be cable-friendly for optimal efficiency in maintenance and repair processes. You should invest in strong racks to support the cable runs, and they should be arranged in the centre to allow the smooth flow of the cords. Avoid placing your shelves in a way that will cause congestion of cables and subsequent damage. In addition, you should ensure that your cabling runs will allow free airflow in the data centre for optimal cooling. 

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