Home Renovations That Come With a High ROI

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Home Renovations That Come With a High ROI

Home renovations should not merely be about making your residence look attractive. When done right, your home renovations should subsequently increase the value of your property, thus, if you want to put it on the market, you can be guaranteed of a profitable sale. Nonetheless, having clarity on where you should focus your renovations would be imperative if you would like to get the most out of your investment. The following are a few financially perceptive improvements that would provide you with a high return on investment.

Installing fibreglass insulation

One of the parts of your home that deteriorates with time yet tends to be overlooked is insulation. Since homeowners rarely start poking behind their walls to check on the condition of their insulation, their home steadily becomes less energy efficient without them even realising it. However, changing out your insulation is one of the most rewarding improvements that you can make. Rather than utilising conventional Rockwool blanket insulation, update your home with fibreglass insulation.

Firstly, fibreglass is not vulnerable to moisture damage so it will serve you for much longer than traditional insulation that is made from absorbent materials. Secondly, the fibreglass insulation will significantly decrease your utility costs, as your residence will be adequately protected from both thermal loss and gain.

Install new basement finishing

If you are like most Aussie homeowners, chances are you do not pay much mind to your basement. Typically, this space is relegated to being a makeshift laundry area or as a storage room in the home. Moreover, if you do not spend much time in the basement, chances are you will be unaware of any rising damp or other structural issues that the basement could become susceptible to. If you are planning to sell your residence in the future, it would be best to make sure that the basement is in tiptop condition.

Firstly, installing a new waterproofing membrane will ensure that water ingress is not likely to occur in the basement. Secondly, refinishing the walls and flooring could make the basement habitable enough to be used as an extra living space whether an office, a guest bedroom or even an entertainment area. When remodelling the basement, it would be advisable to be on the lookout for any mould. Mould will not just make your basement unsightly, but the health hazard it poses could severely impact the value of your property. Therefore, you should have it remediated before any renovations take place.

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