Is It Time To Replace Your Roof Insulation?

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Is It Time To Replace Your Roof Insulation?

Having insulation in your roofing is not exclusively about making sure your residence stays warm when winter rolls around. The insulation also has a primary role in keeping your utility costs manageable, as it facilitates a declined reliance on both artificial cooling and heating all year round. Nonetheless, not many homeowners will give much thought to their roofing insulation, which in turn provides it sufficient time to deteriorate and lose its performance. Here are telltale signs to be wary of that would indicate it is time to replace your roof insulation.

Erratic temperature changes around the home

When your insulation is at optimal performance, your property should have a consistent temperature regardless of the ambient climatic conditions. Thus, whether it is the summer or the winter, your home should not be suffering from heat loss or heat gain, as its insulation is working to keep the interior temperature regulated. However, if your roof insulation is less than optimum, your home will start to suffer from erratic temperature changes. For instance, you may find that the top storey of the house is much warmer or colder than the rest of premises. It would be advisable to have a roofing contractor replace your insulation to ensure even temperatures throughout the home.

Spiking utility costs

Another sure-fire sign that there is a problem with your roof insulation is an unexplainable spike in your electricity costs. When your roof insulation is in excellent condition, it subsequently translates into your home being energy efficient. When the roof is allowing thermal gain and thermal loss, you and your loved ones will start to adjust your thermostat settings to keep the interior temperature to a comfortable degree. Although the adjustments may seem minor, they ultimately translate into an increased consumption of power. Therefore, over time, you will begin to notice that your electrical costs are steadily on the rise. Although higher electricity bills can be attributed to other reasons, energy efficiency is one of the topmost causes, so it would be a good idea to have your roof insulation inspected and replaced as need be.

Increased drafts in the residence   

When some people think of drafts, they typically associate them with malfunctioning windows. And although drafts tend to be caused by compromised windows, they can stem from poor insulation. Take note that your roof insulation not only functions to regulate the temperature, but it is also tasked with keeping the outdoor air from blowing right into your home. If you start to notice your home has become breezier when the windows are shut, you should contemplate having your roof insulation inspected.

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