What are the advantages of portaloo hire?

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What are the advantages of portaloo hire?

Toilets may not be the most interesting subject to spend your time thinking about but when you are planning any major outdoors event you must consider the needs of your visitors. The simplest way to ensure an appropriate provision of toilets for the visiting public is by arranging for portaloo hire for the duration of your event. If you host regular public events then perhaps you have been tempted to buy your own temporary toilets and bring them out of storage when you need them, but the reality is that it is far easier to arrange portaloo hire for each event. Here are three great reasons to consider portaloo hire for your next public event.

Built-in flexibility

Arranging portaloo hire means that you can always be sure of having exactly the number of toilets you need for your visitors. Not every event you host will have the same number of visitors, some will be large events with wide appeal while others will be more specialist in nature. Hiring portaloos gives you the flexibility to cater for your events without worrying about visitor numbers. If you have a particularly large number of visitors expected for a few days then you can simply increase the number of your portaloos for those days.

No storage concerns

If you choose to purchase your portaloos then you will need to arrange somewhere to store them when they are not in use. Portable toilets are quite bulky and they are going to consume valuable space that you would probably prefer to put to better use. Why pay for storage or fill up your own space with something you will only use for a few days in the year?

Waste disposal

The biggest problem that owners of portable toilets face is disposing of the waste generated by the toilet. When you agree to portaloo hire you receive regular emptying and cleaning of the toilet as a part of your contract. If you buy your own toilets you must dispose of all the waste yourself. To dispose of waste legally you will need to have a waste carriers license and maintain a contract with a disposal company. Unless you are disposing of large amounts of waste regularly it probably doesn't make economic sense for you to apply for a license yourself, so you will need to pay someone else to transport all of the waste matter on your behalf.

Why go to all the trouble and expense of storing unused portable toilets and arranging for someone to dispose of the waste? With a portaloo hire contract the work is all the responsibility of the hire company and you can relax and let them get on with the job.

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