Asphalt Pavements: How to Seal the Cracks on Your Driveway

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Asphalt Pavements: How to Seal the Cracks on Your Driveway

Asphalt is a strong and durable material. It can withstand high pressure and mechanical stress without significant damage. In addition, the cured material has a simple and attractive appearance. These properties make asphalt an ideal material for building residential pavement, including driveways. Unfortunately, asphalt surfaces are not infallible. If the roadways are exposed to unfavourable conditions, the surface will develop cracks. If you have notice fractures and fissures in your driveway, you should think about using these simple tips to repair the damage.

Clean the Cracked Area

Proper preparation of the cracked section of the asphalt is critical for long-lasting repairs. If you do not clean the fracture correctly, the repair compounds will not adhere well. As a result, the crack will form again. If your crack has been present for some time, there might be weeds growing in the area. You should remove these weeds or kill them using an appropriate herbicide. You should also use a screwdriver or something similar to remove soil from the crack. Then, it is advisable to vacuum out the debris or blow out the particles in the crack before proceeding. 

Fill the Fracture or Hole

If your asphalt driveway has a narrow crack, you will only need to fill the fracture to restore appearance and integrity. You can purchase an appropriate crack filler to seal the damage from your local shop. For the best results, you should apply the material with diligent care, ensuring that the fractures are completely sealed. On the hand, if you are dealing with a pothole, you will need to perform a little more work. You should apply asphalt emulsion repair compound on the cleaned area. This process will promote adhesion of the repair material. Next, you should pour the asphalt repair mix such as a bagged cold-process product. You will achieve the best results by following the manufacturer's recommendations. 

Apply an Asphalt Sealer

You should seal your entire driveway to achieve a uniform look and enhance protection in adverse conditions. In simple terms, the process will make the pavement relatively water-resistant, minimising the risk of the recurrent formation of cracks. It is advisable to seal the whole driveway for improved aesthetics. Ideally, you will need to sweep and wash the roadway, preferably with a pressure washer. Once you complete this task, you should allow the surface to dry completely. Finally, you should apply the sealing product in thin and overlapping coats for optimal performance and appeal. 

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