Unique Paint Colour Ideas That Will Breathe Life in to Your Home

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Unique Paint Colour Ideas That Will Breathe Life in to Your Home

When it comes to home décor, the paint is one of the most important elements. No home is complete without having the right selections of paint colour and designs. A trade-qualified painter is a certified professional who can propose unique colour schemes that will breathe life into your current home.

The right paint colour is the secret ingredient that uplifts your mood, provides energy to the home, and is even capable of making you feel well if you're under the weather. Here are some paint colours that have become quite popular in recent years and are excellent choices for the home.


Sage, a very light version of green, is a popular choice for making the home feel comfortable and natural. Sage infuses a relaxing and elevating mood to the home, especially in properties that are located near lakes, in the woods or in the countryside.

The greyish hues that are present in sage give a soft, yet interesting look to any interior space. A trade-qualified painter can incorporate unique designs into the paint coating to make the sage stand out even more.

Crème colours

For interior spaces such as bedrooms, neutral colours always get the job done. You can take this one step further by using crème shades to replace the usual white that is used in most homes. Neutral colours make any bedroom feel more spacious and comfortable.

With slightly darker crème shading, you can add a touch of romance to a master bedroom and complete the look with the right furniture and accessories.

Shades of yellow

For kitchens dining rooms and outdoor spaces, variations of yellow can turn a boring space into a comfort haven. For example, light mustard yellow infuses a vintage feel that was commonly used in the 1970s for similar areas of the home.

If you match light yellow patterns on the wall with your kitchen cabinets and countertops, you will transform your kitchen to a vintage-meets-modern look.

Cool grey

For any living room space, you can't go wrong with various shades of grey. A cool grey theme can be achieved for the living room by using whitewashed grey patterns to provide a relaxing and uplifting mood. Grey is also compatible with many different colours, furniture selections, and styles. Once you paint your walls with a cool grey, you can add almost any other look to the living room without worrying about the fit.

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