How To Evaluate Different Marine Transport Contractors

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How To Evaluate Different Marine Transport Contractors

Do you need to transport goods from one port to another? If you are in this situation, then you need to select an ideal shipping company. There are numerous shipping companies in operation and choosing one can be difficult. As such, below are various factors you should consider when evaluating different marine transports.

The type of services that they offer

You should assess the type of services that are offered by various shipping companies before making your choice. This will depend on the type of cargo that you want to be transported. An example is when you have to ship electronics and the shipping company only deals with fuel cargo. In this case, even if the company can be cheaper than the other shipping firms, it is not ideal for your needs. If your cargo has already been packed in containers you need to clarify this with the company to avoid any inconveniences. Additionally, if your cargo requires special handling for safety purposes, it is important to notify the shipping company and confirm that they can facilitate this. This can be applicable when you are shipping chemicals which are highly volatile. 

Assess their tracking capabilities

Does the tracking solution provided by the shipping company work? Can you call in case of any issues with the device and have the issue sorted? Has tracking been outsourced to reputable companies? Tracking your shipped cargo is essential and you must confirm these details before you sign any contract. If the tracking of cargo has been outsourced to another company, you should assess their experience in the sector. Apart from ensuring your goods are safe during shipment, it gives you peace of mind since you can track the movement of your cargo.

The route to be used

Always ask about the route that is to be used by the shipping vessel that you want to contract. This is necessary since it will determine the time it will take for your cargo to arrive at your selected destination. When the vessel has to stop at numerous ports, it will take a longer duration than a vessel that travels directly from the loading point to the destination. Unless you are in a hurry, then you should not be worried, as long as the shipment arrives. However, if your plans revolve around the arrival of your cargo, then you should seek a vessel that will go through few ports before it arrives at your destination.

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