Where to get help with your subdivision

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Where to get help with your subdivision

If you have a piece of land that you don't need for your home or business, then you may be thinking about selling it. You could simply place the land on the market and sell it as it is, but that may not be the way to maximise the value of the land. Arranging a subdivision of the one piece of land into multiple lots has the potential to be a lot more profitable.

Why doesn't everyone subdivide their land?

You might think that land subdivision should be a straightforward process, but it isn't always as simple as you might hope. A lot of people who could benefit from arranging a subdivision give up on the idea when they begin to see the number of different stakeholders that are involved in the process. There is far more to a subdivision then simply drawing a line indicating where you want the property boundaries to lie. If you want to arrange a subdivision, you will need to work with the servicing agencies, neighbouring landowners, the Planning Commission and the local authorities to ensure that they are all happy with what you propose. Keeping each of these groups satisfied can be a stressful experience and will consume a great deal of time that you would probably prefer to spend doing something else.

You don't have to work alone

Instead of either giving up on the idea of a subdivision or struggling to complete the paperwork and satisfy all the competing demands yourself, there is another option. Why not bring in an experienced professional to guide you through the complete subdivision process? Hiring someone who has successfully completed many subdivisions and knows how to drive the process forward at every stage will allow you to achieve all the benefits of a subdivision without any of the stress.

What can the subdivision expert do?

One of the challenges that faces anyone considering a subdivision is deciding the most appropriate way of parcelling up the land to achieve the maximum benefit. If you have never been through a subdivision in the past, it is easy to be caught out by the unexpected. A subdivision expert will accurately establish your property boundaries and devise the best way of dividing the land that benefits you and also satisfies the Planning Commission and the other stakeholders. Once a plan for the subdivision has been agreed on, they will drive the entire subdivision process until the completion, when you are finally able to receive the new property titles.

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