3 Reasons to Use Timber Trusses for New Barn Buildings

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3 Reasons to Use Timber Trusses for New Barn Buildings

When you start a barn building project, one of the first things you will likely consider are the trusses. Though you will have several material options for the trusses, timber has several benefits over the rest. Before you go with a metal or similar material for your trusses, consider these three reasons to opt for a timber truss instead. 

Economical Benefits

There are several economical benefits to using timber trusses. One of the first comes in when you need to replace or repair the trusses for any reason. If you use a metal material option, the cost of a repair or replacement could greatly exceed the cost of timber. Timber can also save you with construction costs since welding and other similar processes required for metal trusses are not required for timber. A final economical benefit of timber trusses is the reduced amount you will need. Most timber trusses use less building materials than steel or other similar options.

Pre-Fabricated Benefits

Though most materials used in truss construction can be purchased as pre-fabricated options, you will likely have more design options with timber trusses. You may also find that pre-fabricated timber trusses are easy to come by, easier to order, and cost less than other materials. One of the reasons for this is the reduced time it takes to construct timber trusses as compared to metal trusses and similar materials. Pre-fabricated timber trusses are also lighter to ship and easier to ship that metal counterparts.

Installation Benefits

If you are pressed for time due to scheduling, weather or other conditions, then timber trusses may be ideal for you. Timber trusses have a quick installation process and offer a safer installation process than metal truss options. This is due to the timber trusses not requiring certain processes like welding, additional brackets and other related processes to the security of the final truss installation. This means that if you choose a pre-fabricated timber truss option, you can increase the speed of the installation and decrease the time needed to finish the barn building process.

If you think that a timber truss will be ideal for your barn building needs, contact your local truss manufacturer. They may already have pre-fabricated options that will fit your building specifications. If they don't have pre-fabricated options, they can help you with custom sizes as well. If you have any additional questions regarding timber trusses, including the type of timber that is best for your needs and environment, they can help you. 

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