How to Find the Best Waterproofing Specialist for Your Project

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How to Find the Best Waterproofing Specialist for Your Project

Do you live in a congested area, with little if any room to expand your current property? While your home may be detached, there might not be much room on either side, and the property line at the rear may further restrict your options. If you have a growing family and desperately need more space, you may have run out of options to push upwards with another layer, but before you put the building on the market, there may be another solution. What could this be?

Going Down

If the ground upon which your home is built is suitable, then why not consider adding a basement underneath your current configuration? This is an increasingly popular way to add space to a property, especially if you're located on some sloping terrain. In this case, you may be able to add windows on one side of your extension.

Waterproofing Specialty

However, this is not quite as simple as a conventional extension, and you will have to bring in a qualified expert in the field of waterproofing to help you. Most jurisdictions will insist that you add a waterproofing specialist to an architect, engineer and builder before they will sign off on your conversion project. After all, this space will be completely impractical unless you can prevent water in the surrounding table from seeping into the room.

Manufacturer Approval

As you begin to look for your dream team, make sure that your waterproofing specialist has approved status with each of the product manufacturers. These companies will only recognise a third-party contractor if they are sure that they can install their products in such a way that it upholds their corporate reputation. Consequently, they will initiate a very rigid approval process and will be sure that the contractor is not only qualified, but experienced.


You should look for a guarantee, and most of the reputable contractors will offer you a long-term warranty to put your mind at ease. Remember that the manufacturer will also have a guarantee to cover their products, and you should have access to this as well. Just bear in mind that you will have to do your own part and ensure that any crucial components are serviced properly, and this will include the pump.


Finally, check to see that the contractor has all the relevant insurance products in place as part of their business profile. They should carry professional indemnity and public liability cover as well as design liability insurance.

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