Is Your Home Ready For The Excess Water Of Storm Season?

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Is Your Home Ready For The Excess Water Of Storm Season?

Queensland does not get a lot of rain over the winter months, but now that spring is here, and summer is around the corner, the unpredictable storm season has arrived. As someone who hasn't experienced a Queensland storm season before due to recently relocating to the state, it is important you know how to prepare your home before the rains arrive. Here are three ways you can make sure your home doesn't get flooded during a torrential downpour.

Clear and Check Gutters

The gutters around your home are there to make sure excess water is diverted away from your home. They are not effective if blocked up with leaves and other debris. Spring is the perfect time to get up a ladder and empty out the gutters, so the water can move freely down the downpipe and be flushed away from your property. If the downpipe is broken or your gutters are sagging, replace them now. A plumber can help you with your gutters if you see they are blocked and not moving the water away.

Storm Water Drains

Many properties have drains located in the back garden to stop water pooling and flooding on the flat lawn. Any drain which is on your property is your responsibility to maintain. These drains can also become clogged with debris or even have tree roots grow into them. If the water is sitting on top of the drain rather than moving away, get your plumber to have a closer look at it. They may need to use a special camera to look down into the drain to see what is causing the blockage. Once the culprit is identified, it is removed, allowing the drain water to flow freely again.

Preventative Measures

If you do have concerns about whether your existing plumbing layout can handle large amounts of water in a short period of time, get your plumber to come out and do an audit of your existing system. They will make change recommendations if they see a need for them.

Finally, if a large storm strikes and your home does become inundated with water, call for an emergency plumber. Once it is safe for them to travel, they will help attend to any blockages or damage to your pipes or gutters. Water levels can rise very quickly when a summer storm deluge opens in your area, so be prepared as you can be before these events begin to regularly occur.

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