Why a Structural Engineer Is Critical To Your Home Renovation

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Why a Structural Engineer Is Critical To Your Home Renovation

A home renovation may seem straightforward, especially if you are not planning to make extensive changes to your home. If your only aim is to change the aesthetic of the interior, you could probably engage in the remodel on your own. However, if your renovation entails the construction of a new structure or changing the structural design of your residence, then it is imperative to hire the services of a structural engineer.

A mistake people make is assuming the only professionals required are construction contractors, and perhaps and an architect. However, there is much more that goes into renovations that will need the professional services of a structural engineer, as illuminated below.

Establishment of natural forces and stresses

One of the most common techniques employed during a home renovation is the knocking down of walls. This technique allows for increased space, open plan living and other design elements that you may want to include in your home. However, bringing down a wall is not just a matter of choosing what you do not want anymore and then knocking it down. This approach can render your entire building unsafe, as the wall you wish to demolish could be a load-bearing wall.

Hiring a structural engineer is mandatory, since they have a more knowledgeable understanding of both natural forces and stress, and how they will impact the integrity of your house. If you need to demolish a few walls, have a structural engineer determine which ones can be modified or eliminated safely to suit your remodel's design.

Specification of the best construction supplies

One assumption people have when engaging in a remodel is that they can go ahead and cut costs by choosing the cheapest supplies for the project. While sticking to your budget is essential, you should also note how critical it is to employ the best materials for the job, too. Some parts of your structure may require enhanced reinforcement to ensure stability, and the degree of fortification is what will determine which supplies will suffice. A structural engineer will go through the architectural design of the remodel and then decide which materials are best suited for the construction.

Furthermore, a structural engineer is also tasked with establishing what thickness is needed, the water-to-cement ratio and so on. Notably, the use of substandard materials and ignoring the specifications stipulated by your structural engineer can lead to the premature collapse of your renovated structure, and this could affect your pre-existing house, too. 

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