Two tips for dog owners who want to renovate their properties

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Two tips for dog owners who want to renovate their properties

If you own a dog and are planning to carry out some property renovations, here are a few jobs you may want to perform during this process to make your property more 'pet-friendly'.

Build a fence with top quality fencing timber

If, like most dogs, yours is allowed to play in your garden, then it is worth replacing the existing fence that surrounds this area of your property with one made from top-quality fencing timber during the renovation process.

There are a number of reasons why you should do this. The first is that if your dog attempts to gnaw at the new fence or tries to scratch it with their paws, the fence will be far less likely to splinter or develop deep, unsightly scratches and holes if it is made from high-quality, durable timber.

The second is that a well-made timber fence could help to prevent your dog from escaping and getting lost. This is because, even if your dog is very large and physically strong, it will be next to impossible for them to use break through a fence that is made up of top quality fencing timber.

In short, putting some of your renovation funds towards a robust timber fence could spare you the hassle of having to repair any damage your dog tries to inflict on it in the future, and the distress of discovering that your beloved pet has escaped and is missing.

Opt for textured flooring materials

If your home renovations will involve the fitting of new floors, then it is worth keeping your dog in mind when choosing the flooring materials.

The reason for this is as follows; dogs often struggle to walk or run across smooth floors, as their paw pads cannot grip non-textured surfaces. This can result in them slipping over and then either spraining their muscles or fracturing one or more of their bones.

Even if they manage to remain upright on a smooth floor, they may have to tense their limbs in order to stay stable, which could exacerbate the pain caused by any existing muscle, bone or joint issues they have (such as arthritis or hip dysplasia).

As such, if possible, you should opt for textured flooring materials such as carpeting or rustic hardwood (as this usually has scratches that give it a rough texture), as this will be easier for your dog to walk across without injuring themselves.

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