Steps to Creating Epoxy Flooring for Your Home or Business

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Steps to Creating Epoxy Flooring for Your Home or Business

Metallic epoxy treatments create beautiful concrete floors, producing an upscale look that is ideal for commercial spaces, residential homes and garages. So long as it is indoors and sheltered from the sun, this style will work perfectly. The process involves several stages.

Preparing the Flooring

At the start, the focus is on preparing the floor properly so that the epoxy resins will securely cling to the surface. It needs to be dry and free of oil, grease and paint that can lessen adhesion. The next stage is to roughen the floor with methods such as grinding or water blasting. If it is too smooth, this also can also lessen its sticking-power. 

Applying the Epoxy Layers

The first decorative layer is the primer coat, the colour of which you can choose from a range of colours. The role of the base coat is to both improve the surface quality and to paint it. This tone provides a solid background against which the metallic pigments will sparkle and shimmer. The next step is to apply the metallic epoxy layer; one or several different metallics can be combined. The skill of the contractor comes into play here. How they artfully shape and manipulate the metallics across the surface will leave a big impression on the final pattern.

Working the Colours Together

Different contractors will employ different practices for working the surface over while it remains unset. Some might spray the surface with denatured alcohol to disperse the metallics into interesting designs. Other methods include using a squeegee or leaf blower to stir the colours around. Some contractors sweep over the unset concrete with pool trowels. At times, a second metallic might be applied on top, and various tools used to push and swirl the two together. Once the treatments are complete, the concrete needs curing or drying. After that, you have the option to apply a clear top coat to provide extra polish and scuff resistance for your epoxy flooring.

Where to Install Epoxy Floors

Hairdressers, restaurants and retail stores are all good commercial candidates for this type of floor. In the home, it can be used for virtually any room, and it is also is ideal for garages. However, while metallic epoxy flooring is extremely durable and hardwearing, to the point that it suits both commercial or residential environments, it is mainly appropriate for indoors. This is because direct sunlight can discolour the decorative metallic surface.

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