Why you should consider using concrete more often

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Why you should consider using concrete more often

Concrete panels are one of the most versatile building materials you could use on your construction project. They can be used for constructing anything from bridges and culverts, to stadiums, housing or retail outlets. There are a lot of reasons that concrete is such a popular building choice but one of the most prominent reasons must be the strength and durability of the material. Concrete is one of the best materials for withstanding the wear and tear caused by climate, traffic, heavy footfall and all the stresses faced by heavy use. Here are three more great reasons to choose concrete for your next building project.

Faster construction

Use of precast concrete panels enables faster construction than is possible with some other methods. Precast concrete panels can be prepared in advance under ideal conditions and moved into position when they are needed. This avoids all of the hassle that can sometimes arise with pouring concrete on-site and allows the construction to move forward without any delays caused by less than ideal weather conditions or the need to clear an area prior to pouring the concrete and then waiting for it to set.

A strong foundation

While concrete panels can be used to create an entire building, one of the most popular uses of precast concrete panels is to simply create a strong, moisture-free foundation. There are many commercial and residential buildings with concrete foundations even when the remainder of the building may be constructed of an entirely different material.

Sound resistance

Another great reason to consider the use of concrete panels is their ability to act as a sound barrier. Concrete has for many years been the most popular material to use when constructing a sound wall. Sound walls have been shown to reduce noise pollution by up to 50 percent while the versatility of concrete enables it to blend into the surrounding area by adopting the texture or design of the local environment. These same noise resistance properties have seen concrete used effectively in multi-unit housing where concrete not only improves the living quality for residents but also improves fire resistance in the structure of the building.

Whether you are working on a residential, commercial or industrial project there are lots of reasons to think about employing concrete panels more often. Talk to your concrete supplier today to find out how easy it is to utilise concrete more widely across your building projects.

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