Main Areas of Specialisation for Marine Contractors

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Main Areas of Specialisation for Marine Contractors

There is a great demand for marine contractors in both private and public shipping companies due to the rise of global sea traffic. As long as shipping and navigation are concerned, marine contractors play a very big role. Thus, marine engineering is one of the fields that offer a lot of different career opportunities for those who are immensely qualified. Proper care and maintenance of the ship engine fall on the hands of the marine engineer. Below are the main areas of specialisation for a marine contractor. 

Naval Architecture 

Naval architecture is an important branch of marine engineering that entails shipbuilding and shipyard operations. A naval architect thus oversees construction projects, as well as proper repair and maintenance of the vessels. They are also responsible for implementing rules and statutory needs such as certifications that approve activities involved in shipbuilding. 

Marine Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanical engineers play an essential role in the field of marine engineering. Their main role is to come up with features that enhance the propulsion of a ship such as the steering, cargo handling, anchoring and ensuring the ship has enough ventilation. Thus, having a ship or water vessel that contains all the above-mentioned features is the work of a mechanical engineer. 

Oceanographic Engineering 

This is a branch of engineering that also falls under marine engineering. An oceanographic engineer's main role is to study the physical and biological characteristics of the sea. This helps the marine crew to set the most ideal time to sail, which minimises the chances of accidents happening while the vessel has already set sail. 

Offshore Engineering 

Offshore engineers are mainly concerned with offshore rigs. The most common types of rigs include those that are associated with oil and the support systems they need. There are different factors that affect an offshore rig, and as an expert offshore engineer, you should be able to analyse these factors as well as come up with ways to prevent them from affecting the rig. This improves sailing for different marine vessels. 

Marine engineering is the only branch of engineering that offers you a wide range of options which you can specialise in. It provides you with all kinds of knowledge, both practical and theoretical. Traditionally, ships used different methods such as clothes propelled by the wind to sail their vessels. Marine engineering has really revolutionised water transport in modern times by making it an easy and fast mode of transport for both goods and cargo. 

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