Drainage Grates – Reasons to Choose Stainless Steel Over Other Materials

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Drainage Grates – Reasons to Choose Stainless Steel Over Other Materials

When it comes to your residence's plumbing and drainage system, you probably do not put much thought to what supplies will be best. In fact, some homeowners will simply instruct their plumber to choose the cheapest options available in an attempt to save money without bearing in mind the long-term ramifications of choosing low-quality materials. When it comes to your drainage grate, you have an array of supplies that you could choose from including cast iron, plastic and so on. However, none of these materials can offer the same value for money as stainless steel. Before you make a choice on which drainage gates should be installed, consider the following reasons to choose stainless steel over the other materials available:

Stainless steel provides appealing grates

Drainage grates are not structures that people will deem visually pleasing. When you think of their primary function, it makes them all the more unattractive. However, if your drainage grates are installed in conspicuous areas, for instance at the exterior of your house, the last thing you want is for them to detract from the visual interest of your yard. The stainless steel variety is undeniably the most appealing option on the market. The stainless steel provides a contemporary feel, making the grates perfect for both traditional and modern properties. Furthermore, stainless steel drainage grates come in an assortment of sizes and thicknesses, so you can make these structures as discreet as you want.

Stainless steel offers impeccably sanitary conditions

When you consider the fact that drainage grates function to direct wastewater out of your house, you will quickly realise that sanitation is a crucial factor to bear in mind when selecting drainage grates. Stainless steel is the best option for this application for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the material is slick and non-porous; thus, bacteria and other pathogens will not absorb into the drainage gates. Moreover, the stainless steel is easy to clean so you will not have to be anxious about contaminants lingering on the grates. This characteristic is unlike cast iron that will eventually rust and harbour a myriad of pollutants that could pose a risk to the health of all inhabitants of the household.

Stainless steel is highly durable

Lastly, when deliberating on materials for your drainage grates, choose stainless steel for its unparalleled durability. For starters, this material is impact resistant, which allows it to withstand the weight of a car driving over it. Secondly, as aforementioned, the drainage grates are highly rust resistant, so you will not have to contend with frequent replacements.

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