Why Choose Bored Pile Foundations?

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Why Choose Bored Pile Foundations?

One of the biggest challenges for contractors is getting the right foundation reinforcements for structures that have a heavy vertical load. Bored pile foundations are also known as drilled shafts. They are designed and cast in concrete pile, and this is normally done at the site of construction. This type of structure is different from alternatives such as spun piles and square piles, which are made elsewhere and then transported to the construction site. Because of its superior strength, bore piling is used for very tall buildings, bridges and industrial complexes. Here are reasons why bored pile foundations are great for your building.

Simple Construction Process

Bored pile foundations are made on the site and with the least amount of excavation to the surroundings. The piling process does not lead to a lot of vibration. As a result, the integrity of the neighbouring piles is maintained. The process does not need a lot of excavation, which minimises landfill creation and conserves the environment. The overall process, therefore, offers massive benefits and reduces time and money costs on the owner of the construction site.

Flexibility of the Piling Process

Regular foundation piles are made at a different location from the construction site and fitted when they get there. The advantage of this arrangement is that you can have them all made at once and save construction time. On the downside, if a factor or condition of the soil you are boring the piles into changes, you will have to create new piles. The great thing about these piles is that you can have several of them in varying lengths and extend them through the various compressible or swelling soils until you get to the suitable bearing material underneath. It also means that you can drive them below the levels of seasonal moisture differences for the strongest foundation possible.

Better Performance

As stated, the piles have the ability to support buildings with massive vertical loads. They are an assurance that once erected, the possibility of the house developing foundation complications is greatly minimised. They therefore offer you the best building support at the most affordable cost.

These are the benefits you can expect from foundation boring. It is crucial to remember that this process will only give you maximum efficiency when you involve a competent engineer and building contractors in the process. They will study the soil and the design of the building you want to erect, and decide whether bored piles offer the best foundation for you.

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