3 Reasons to Use a Drone Survey on Your Land Development Project

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3 Reasons to Use a Drone Survey on Your Land Development Project

If you're planning a large land development project, then you need a survey done on the site before you plan exactly what you can and cannot do. Your land surveyor may recommend an aerial survey using a drone that flies over the site.

What are the advantages of a drone survey?

1. Get Faster Results

If you have a lot of land to survey, then the surveyors you hire have a big job on their hands. Even if you get a team on the job rather than a single individual, it will take time for them to run through all their assessments across the whole site.

If your land surveying company runs aerial surveys, then they can fly a drone over the complete site much more quickly. The drone can connect to various software applications to create data analysis for all your surveying needs at once. This reduces the time it takes to survey the site into just a few hours rather than days or even weeks.

2. Get a Complete Picture

The land you want to develop may not all be flat and easily accessible. Its terrain may be rough. For example, if you have rocky or hilly areas, then your surveyors may not be able to climb these safely; they may not be able to get into narrow spaces in between rocky outcrops.

Road access can also be a problem. You may not have suitable roads on some parts of the land. If the weather has been bad recently, then your surveyors might not be able to get vehicles into some areas if they have flooded or become too muddy for safe access.

This could leave you with an incomplete survey picture. Down the line, when work has started, you could run into problems that you didn't anticipate.

If you have an aerial survey, then the drone can get just about anywhere. Rough terrain, ground conditions and inaccessible areas aren't a problem. So, you get a full survey.

3. Get Lower Survey Costs

If your survey takes a lot of time and manpower, then its costs will rise. Large plots can work out to be pretty expensive, especially if your surveying company has to spend a lot of time building up its reports.

If you use a drone, then your time and manpower commitments are kept to a minimum. This keeps your costs low.

To learn more about the benefits of aerial drone surveys and the data they provide, talk to your land surveying company.

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