3 Excellent Concreting Ideas for a Recreational Swimming Pool

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3 Excellent Concreting Ideas for a Recreational Swimming Pool

For recreational facilities, particularly swimming clubs, attracting new customers and retaining current ones is the number one goal. However, this can be challenging if you consider that Australians today have many leisure destination options. As a commercial concreting contractor, you can use this opportunity to help your clients enhance their swimming pool aesthetics. One way to do this is to opt for a decorative, functional concrete swimming pool deck. This article highlights a few ideas you can suggest to your clients.

Sand Finish -- Adding texture and visual interest to a swimming pool deck can be easily achieved with a trendy and sophisticated design. However, such designs are not cheap, and it is highly unlikely that a small recreational club will opt for them. Fortunately, there is another way you can achieve both texture and visual interest, and that is through a sand finish. This type of concrete finish creates a natural feel that resembles the sand on the beach. Moreover, the sand finish tends to glitter in the sun, which adds to the elegance of the swimming pool's deck. The best part is that walking on a sand finish swimming pool concrete floor feels great and the rough texture reduces the chances of slippage. For recreational clubs with public swimming pools, this is a crucial advantage because it protects clients from injury.

Incorporate other Dedicated Concrete Spaces -- For any recreational club, the swimming pool is likely to be the focal point. However, there is a lot more you can do to make the space much more inviting to clients. While it might seem like a good and safe idea to install wooden benches or metallic tiki-torches, adding concrete elements like concrete fire pits and concrete benches goes a long way in improving the outlook of your client's facility. The extra concrete elements add to the aesthetics of the surrounding. Most importantly, make sure that the components can withstand exposure to the elements such as direct sunlight and heavy rain.

Stamped Concrete -- Every contractor knows that there is a lot more they can do with concrete to achieve incredible designs. Stamped concrete is one way commercial concreting can transform a rather bland material to a surface that is unbelievable to look at. You can achieve stamped concrete on a recreational swimming pool by pressing any design into freshly poured concrete. For instance, if your client wants a stone-like concrete surface around their swimming pool, patterns can be created on the concrete so that the floor resembles differently sized stones joined together.

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