Principle Factors To Discuss With Your Builder Before Custom Home Construction

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Principle Factors To Discuss With Your Builder Before Custom Home Construction

Not everyone gets the chance to design and have their forever home built from the foundation up. Thus, when you get the opportunity to bring your vision of residential bliss to life, it is essential to make the most of this project. With that in mind, it is best to have a home builder guide you through your decisions so that the custom house is functional and meets your aesthetic requirements. This piece illuminates principle factors to discuss with your builder before custom home construction.

Floor plan

When it comes to the floor plan of your home, you have three main solutions to consider. These are the traditional floor plan, the open floor plan and a custom floor plan. Admittedly, each option does have both its pros and cons. For example, a traditional floor plan focuses more on cosiness since it is characterised by its walls. However, if you are not actively spending time in the communal spaces, then a traditional floor plan can end up separating you from the rest of your loved ones for most of the time.

An open floor plan is beneficial for homeowners that want that contemporary feel in their space. Moreover, this type of floor plan facilitates communal living because many of the walls are eliminated. However, if you like your privacy when watching TV or cooking, you may not be comfortable with an open floor plan.

If you have the chance to custom build a forever home, you should discuss a custom floor plan with your builders so that you can come up with one that makes the most of the square footage available while integrating elements that are important to you, such as storage, into the layout.


You will rarely get a definitive figure for your custom home build. Nevertheless, it is advisable to talk costs from the start so that you can have a clear idea of what your budget should look like. Firstly, discuss the costs of all the materials that will be employed. If you are keen on natural finishes such as natural stone, you should be prepared for an increase in the cost of building supplies. Materials costs will also be inflated if you choose to expand your home horizontally rather than vertically because you will pay more due to additional building supplies for the foundation.

Secondly, discuss labour costs. The longer the timeline of your project, the higher your labour costs will be. Therefore, you should discuss with the builder how best to keep the projected timeline short.

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