Factors to Consider When Buying Skylight Windows

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Factors to Consider When Buying Skylight Windows

Natural light is a great way to light up your home and save on energy. Apart from windows, you can put in skylights to let in natural light. Skylights are similar to windows, but you install them in the ceiling or the roof of your home. Here are three factors to consider when buying skylight windows.

Type of Skylight

There are two types of skylights: venting and fixed. As the names suggest, you can open a venting skylight while you cannot open a fixed one. If you are looking to use the window to provide ventilation, then an operable one is your best bet. For instance, you can have a venting skylight in your kitchen to let in the fresh air and get rid of unpleasant odours. 

A venting skylight, however, has a higher likelihood of leaking than a fixed one. It is best to put in a fixed one in a bedroom or living room. If your house has an attic, install a fixed skylight. That way, it is less likely that you will forget to close it. 


Consider the amount of money you have and how much you are willing to spend on a skylight. There are various designs in the market today, and they are all priced differently. Skylight window manufacturers use different materials and designs. These will affect the pricing of your chosen skylight. Ensure that you pick one that fits your budget. Visit several shops so that you can make a price comparison. Do not buy from the first shop that you visit. 

When considering cost, you should also think about the cost of installation. The right contractor will also give you advice on the best type and design for your house. Ensure you hire someone trustworthy with the proper training. 


Skylights are either made of plastic or glass. Glass ones are clearer and let in more light than plastic ones. Those made of plastic are light, long-lasting and affordable. You also have more to choose from in regards to size and shape. 

On the other hand, glass provides excellent insulation for your home. You can choose between laminated and tempered glass. Take time choosing what works for your home. Consider the room it is going to be in and what its use will be. You can also consult your contractor for advice on the best material for your skylights. 


Skylight windows are a great addition to your home. Ensure you consider the above points before choosing one for your house. 

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