Hair Salon Owners: Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Drains?

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Hair Salon Owners: Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Drains?

A certain amount of hair will inevitably make its way into a bathroom drain. It's a fact of life, and occasional drain cleaning is necessary to prevent this lost hair from accumulating within the drain and forming a blockage. But what about somewhere that has the potential to send a vast amount of hair into its drainage system? If you operate a hair salon, are you doing enough to prevent all that hair from wreaking havoc in your drains?

1. Removing Cut Hair

Clearly, regular removal of cut hair should be mandatory after each client. The floor around the salon chair should be thoroughly swept after each client has left (along with the chair itself). Consider bolstering these efforts with scheduled vacuuming several times throughout the day, or even hourly. It's all about exhaustively removing hair from the floor before it has a chance to enter your drains.

2. Extra Flushing

A significant amount of hair will be introduced into your salon's washbasins, and this cannot be avoided. It can (and should) be managed. Instead of relying on the water from the faucet to flush the hair away, you should also be manually flushing each basin at the end of each day. This is as simple as emptying a bucket of hot water into the basin. The heat and volume of the water will help to dislodge hair before it can form a blockage. You should also be regularly treating your basins with an enzyme cleaner. This is a non-corrosive option that introduces specially-cultivated bacteria to your drains, which feed on organic matter (like hair). 

3. Professional Cleaning

These straightforward principles will work wonders in keeping your salon's drains clean and clear, but some occasional professional assistance can help to consistently achieve the best result. Have your salon drains regularly inspected and cleaned. This doesn't need to be a constant activity, and it might only need to happen a few times a year. It's well worth it to identify any issues in your drains and prevent them from becoming a really hairy problem. 

Ongoing diligence to protect your drains is crucial when you run a hair salon. Any blockage can be highly disruptive, infinitely more so that a comparable problem in a residential situation, and can affect your ability to operate your business. Are your efforts enough? Get your plumbing taken care of by contacting drain cleaning services right away. 

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