The Significance of Adopting a Temporary Keying System in Your Construction Project

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The Significance of Adopting a Temporary Keying System in Your Construction Project

The safety of tools and equipment on a construction site can never be overlooked. Areas under construction must remain highly secure too. To achieve this, building owners and contractors must implement a temporary keying system.

This system is crucial to help prevent damage and property theft. The physical assets of the property owner, as well as the contractor's building equipment, tools and materials remain secured. Temporary keying restricts unauthorized access and limits movement within the construction zones.

As a contractor, adopting a keying system is a practical approach for securing all areas entrusted to you until the moment your client takes possession of the completed building. Today, there are various methods you can implement temporary construction keying, including:

The Keyed Alike System

This method involves the installation of locks with the same keys throughout the building. That means that the project owner and the contractor possess duplicate master keys. It's a cost-effective and convenient way to allow property owners access to different sections of the building whenever needed. This requirement may be exclusively stipulated in the contract for legal purposes as well.

Keyed alike method for temporary keying has other benefits as well. It allows for a more straightforward handover process after project completion. As soon as the contractor finishes the work, locksmiths come in to change the lock cylinders to the desired security protocol, like a master key system.

The Basic Construction Key

Ideally, this is a temporary key given to building contractors and other subcontractors, including plumbers, electricians and carpenters. Its primary purpose is to grant access to the premise until the void key (occupant's access key) is inserted and used on the locks. 

The void key can be used during handover, or situations where temporary keys are misplaced, and highly vital for security purposes. Temporary keying is crucial for buildings in any construction project, and some of the advantages are that it:

  • Offers an excellent solution when temporary access is required
  • Makes the handover process as seamless as possible
  • Experienced locksmiths can quickly devise temporary and void keys.
  • Making the switch from temporary to permanent construction keying is flexible and can be implemented many times.
  • Provides excellent security at various construction phases

Temporary keying is ideal for property owners who intend to grant contractors full access to the premise as the construction project advances. This system is also a viable option since property owners can revoke access to the building immediately after the handover process and install newer keying system without replacing all of the locks. 

For more information on keys and keying systems, reach out to a local locksmith.

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