What Are the Benefits of Bitumen Spray Sealing for Your Worn Asphalt Driveway?

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What Are the Benefits of Bitumen Spray Sealing for Your Worn Asphalt Driveway?

As part of your asphalt driveway's maintenance regimen, you'll need to dress or treat the asphalt surface to restore its beauty and maintain the structural integrity of the underlying pavement. Bitumen spray sealing is a popular method of achieving these goals. The process involves spraying a thin film of a quality bitumen binder onto a road surface and then spreading a layer of stone chips or other aggregates on top. 

Acting as a waterproofing layer, the bituminous binder stops water from seeping into the underlying paved structure. The aggregate, on the other hand, protects this structure from damage by vehicular traffic.

There are many different reasons why bitumen spray sealing is recommended for asphalt driveways. Continue on to find out why.

Adding New Life to an Existing Driveway

Bitumen spray sealing has the ability to rejuvenate and restore an existing asphalt driveway that is suffering from surface damage. A single coat of spray seal is usually sufficient to provide a completely new wearing surface that is waterproof and safe to use for many years to come. A safer, more durable surface makes good engineering and financial sense. 

Low Consumption of Material

Due to the thin layers that are applied, not much material is needed to restore worn asphalt surfaces using this method. Plus, no levelling of sidewalks is necessary. By reducing the usage of materials during driveway restoration, driveway maintenance costs can be kept down. 

Fast Way to Surface a Driveway

Another notable advantage of bitumen spray sealing is that it is a fast method of restoring the functionality and aesthetics of a worn-down asphalt surface. The specialised tools and equipment used for the job produce quality surface dressings quickly. 

Maintains Asset Value

While your current home might feel like your forever home, a change in circumstances can make you relocate. That's why you should never rule out the possibility of moving house at some point in the future. 

A well-looked-after driveway retains its value well and will captivate potential homebuyers more easily than a neglected one, so it will do you good to spray seal your asphalt driveway when it suffers visible damage to its surface.

It's important to note that no bitumen spray seal product provides structural strength in itself. The performance and durability of bitumen spray sealing largely depend on the quality of preparation of the sub-base structure. If your asphalt driveway has suffered damage to the underlying structure, spray sealing will do little to increase its performance and lifespan. Contact a driveway contractor to get answers to any questions you may have.

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