Do I Need A Demolition Contractor For My Shed?

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Do I Need A Demolition Contractor For My Shed?

Many Australian's own properties with multiple buildings on them, from separate garages to the actual home and then a shed or two out the backyard. If you are looking to upgrade your shed, or perhaps replace it with something else put in its stead, then you may be wondering if you can do this on your own or whether you should call in the experts. Does a shed require professional demolition contractors or can it simply be pulled over by hooking it up to the back of a truck? Here is a quick look at the reasons why a demolition contractor should always be used.


Unless you have a very small, outdoor cupboard style shed, then it probably is quite large. There are not many in-between sizes for sheds, and while yours might look like it is only made of thin, sheet metal, you are forgetting the supports and the overall weight of said sheet metal. It might look thin, but they can weight hundreds of kilograms when added all together, and storing them safely is not going to be easy without proper tools. Demolition contractors have all the necessary equipment and the expertise to pull down sheds of any size or shape.


Older sheds might not look especially dangerous, but there is a good chance that their roofing, or even some of their interior components, have some amount of asbestos in them. Asbestos was used in all types of building materials throughout the years, well into the 1990s. While the asbestos in your shed is most likely bonded and not immediately dangerous, it will be if you try to remove your shed without proper equipment. Instead, use an asbestos removal contractor who knows what to wear and how to spot the dangerous fibre. Don't risk your future health. If your shed is over 25 years old, make sure to always get it checked, no matter what.

Concrete Slab

Quite a lot of sheds are built on top of a slab of concrete that acts as the foundation. While getting rid of the top of your shed might be easy (for professionals) taking out this concrete slab is nigh-on impossible for amateur renovators. It is long, hard work that can only be done with very strong tools and safety precautions put in place. Demolition contractors often deal with concrete slabs and know exactly how to remove them without damaging the rest of the property or hurting themselves. 

Contact a local demolition contractor to learn more.

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