The Four Stages of Surveying When You're About to Construct Something

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The Four Stages of Surveying When You're About to Construct Something

Australia has continually refined its building permitting processes to better protect the people, the land, and the environment. The intended result is a series of inspections and surveys that should verify that a building and the land it sits on are being handled properly. The reality is that builders and buyers face a rather long path where some inspections are mandated by law and others are just good ideas.

It helps to have some indication of what inspections or surveys you might need should you want to build a home on land you've bought, for example. As the buyer, you'll need to arrange for these surveys and inspections; the construction company does not have to do that for you.

Land Surveying

If you're about to build something, you need to have the land around the structure checked out by a land surveyor. This person looks at property boundaries, landforms, and water features. They also look at whether any plants on the property are invasive or protected, whether the soil is stable, and if there are canyon edges or slopes that could interfere with building. This person does not have anything to do with the actual structure you intend to build other than checking out the ground where the structure will go.

Building Surveying

A building surveyor is someone you have to hire by law. They will look over plans to ensure they meet Australian Standards and take care of getting the building permit. They will also look at how the construction could impact nearby structures and property and let you and your builder know if there are steps you need to take to protect structures outside your property boundaries. They should also look over the completed structure and give you the occupancy certificate. They can also handle duties that are often the realm of a building inspector, or they can hire a building inspector for a specific list of tasks.

Building Inspection

A building inspector, either hired by you or by the building surveyor, will follow the construction from start to finish, ensuring builders follow the plans regarding health, safety, and Australian building standards. It's a more detailed segment of building surveying. However, note that this does not cover whether the builder is adhering to the more cosmetic aspects of the building plans

Quality Assurance

One more inspection you may want is quality assurance. This inspector would look at the construction to ensure it matches the plans in terms of cosmetic issues, room size, room placement, window placement, and so on. If you want to be sure there will be outlets on every wall, for example, the quality assurance inspection is where that item is double-checked. Your building surveyor will not be a part of this inspection.

Reach out to a building consultant to discuss what inspections you need. 

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