Tips When Having a House Demolished

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Tips When Having a House Demolished

When having a house demolished, you need to hire a company that can do the job safely and efficiently. Here are some tips for planning the process.


The cost of demolition will depend on various factors. The bigger the house, the more demolition that will be required, and the more expensive the job will be. Other things come into play as well; for instance, the heaviness of the cladding materials. The bricks of an entire house will be harder to handle and transport than slimmer cladding made from vinyl, timber, and ridged metal sheets. Concrete blocks are also heavy, and this can add to the cost.

The house should be assessed before demolition for dangerous materials such as asbestos. These elements are expensive to remove because strict protocols and procedures need to be followed. The cost of removing asbestos depends on what form it takes and how prevalent it is in the building.

Salvage and Recycle

One way to save money is to give the demolition company salvage rights, allowing them to use materials from the house. Bricks and wood can sometimes be repurposed for other building projects. Many metals are recyclable and sellable. Concrete can be crushed and used as aggregate for future construction projects. Ask the company you've chosen to inspect the site and give a quote that details what they could salvage. These materials will offset the cost of the demolition. A period house may have features, like doors and floorboards, that you can sell in the weeks beforehand.

Access and Proximity

Something important to a demolition company is how easily they can access the site and move around it. They often have large machinery and vehicles to bring onto the property. If the house sits on flat land with plenty of space surrounding it, then the demolition process will be simplified. However, if the ground steeply slopes, for example, then extra cranes may be needed and the job will be trickier.

A home demolition services company will also be interested in the proximity of landfills and recycling plants. Are there places nearby where they can dispose of the materials they demolish? If they have to go a long way, the transport costs will increase.


Just as you need government approval for building a new house, you need permission to tear one down. Your local council will need a list of documents, including things like site plans, a land title certificate, and details of the demolition company. 

For more info about home demolition, contact a local company. 

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