Why Construction Vibration Monitoring Is So Vital

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Why Construction Vibration Monitoring Is So Vital

Many of Australia's biggest cities and towns are constantly expanding outwards with dozens of construction projects undertaken every month. While smaller, more rural constructions have very little need to worry about how their project will impact their neighbours, for those in the city this can be a big concern. After all, construction is no small thing and can make use of machinery and equipment that weigh several tonnes. But why is construction vibration monitoring so necessary? Here are a few reasons why you should always make sure that you have a licensed construction vibration monitor on-site and a professional who knows how to operate it.

Cracks In Surrounding Buildings

You never know just how much of a response your construction efforts will have on already established buildings in the surrounding area. What is clear is that the larger and more continuous the vibrations, the more danger you present to those buildings. Cracks are common because most buildings of any great size have concrete foundations. While concrete has great compressive strength, its tensile strength is not as impressive and so the vibrations can cause it to crack. Monitoring your vibration equipment is the only way to ensure you stay within recommended guidelines and protect those major buildings around you.

Sensitive Neighbours 

While this will not apply to every construction site, it is certainly true that there are a number of industries that are even more susceptible to vibrations than your average building. This includes warehouses and industrial plants storing very reactive chemicals to medical centres with equipment that has to be kept in a secure environment at all times. If you do work in an area that contains these special considerations then you need to be more vigilant to ensure you don't disrupt them, or you may be liable for damage and perhaps face a shutdown on your site.

Damage To Your Own Site

It is very hard to know just how widespread the vibrations of your equipment will go, but what is often underestimated is the damage they can do right under your nose. If you are setting foundations or still in the early stages of construction then vibrations can cause serious damage and set you back a few days or even weeks. Making sure that you stay below a certain level of vibration is important not just for your neighbours, but also for your bottom line as the costs involved in fixing cracked foundations can be substantial. 

To learn more about construction vibration monitoring, contact a contractor. 

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