Two situations in which you should install louvres in your home

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Two situations in which you should install louvres in your home

Here are two situations in which you should opt for louvres when replacing your home's windows.

You want to avoid having to use your air conditioning system as much as possible

Finding ways to cut down on the use of your air conditioning system is important if you're trying to live your life in a more eco-friendly way or if you'd like your energy bills to be cheaper. One way you can do this is by fitting louvres in your home. Louvres can allow you to let a cool breeze into your home during the warmer months, without having to keep the windows wide open. By adjusting a louvre's slats, you can let a breeze into a room, whilst still ensuring that the room is secure (as the openings between a louvre's slats are much too small for anyone to squeeze through them). This means that you could, for example, safely keep your bedroom's louvre open at night, and thus keep the room cool enough for you to sleep comfortably during the summer, instead of running your air conditioner to lower the room's temperature.

Additionally, because air can pass through a louvre window even when its slats are closed, you could still keep your home interior fairly cool even when its windows are shut. This means that, for example, you wouldn't need to keep your air conditioning switched on when you're out and about during the hotter months, in order to ensure your home isn't uncomfortably warm by the time you return home. Given this, over time, the presence of the louvres in your home should lead to a sizeable reduction in your energy bills.

You want to ventilate your home interior without having to worry about dust and insects getting inside

Ventilating your home is important, not only to prevent its interior from becoming too humid but also to ensure that everyday odours and stale air don't linger for too long. If you like to ventilate your home by keeping the windows open but have become frustrated by the fact that this can lead to flies, bees and other insects getting inside and can also result in a lot more airborne dust accumulating on your furniture and floors, then getting louvres could be a great idea.

The reason for this is that as mentioned above, louvres are designed in a way that lets air travel through them when the slats are shut. As such, you could keep these windows closed and still ensure that each room of your home gets plenty of fresh air, without this also leading to you having to do any extra fly-swatting, dusting or vacuuming.

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