What are the Different Types of Residential Building Design?

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What are the Different Types of Residential Building Design?

Customising your own home gives you total control over every design aspect. You will find a lot of different residential building designs and architecture to use as a basis for your custom home. There are modern interpretations and historical approaches that you can choose from. If you look around, there are countless options available to you. The good thing about creating your own home is having the option to choose a style that can match your needs and tastes. Find out more about it here:


Modern architecture started during the first part of the 20th century, which started as a prominent style after the war. There were new advances in technology, specifically the simpler use of steel, reinforced concrete and glass influenced by the architectural trend. The modern residential building design was impacted by the historical art movement as well as a rejection of the typical neoclassical architecture. Most of the time, modern is the same as contemporary.


Victorian homes have an elaborate design that has intricate details everywhere. Normally, Victorian homes are chosen because of their beauty compared to functionality. The floor plans are asymmetrical, the roof is steep with dormers, there are large and ornate porches and turrets. Based on statistics, these homes have an ornate trim, whimsical colours, window eyebrows and decorative railings.


This residential building design is tall, multicoloured and narrow, but it does not have to be in the town only. Actually, townhouses are chosen because of the increase of multi-family dwellings that show up everywhere. Revival townhouses were made with columns, brick exterior, Greek motifs, etc.

Cape Cod Home

The Cape Cod home is smaller and has a symmetrical design.  In general, they have a moderately steep roof that comes with gables and a huge chimney. Based on statistics, Cape Cod homes have small ornamentation, which is normally covered in clapboard or shingles. They have a window flanking the front door and double-hung windows with shutters. The shape of this home normally means there is a central floor plan, which comes with a main suite on the floor and more bedrooms upstairs. This residential building design can be adaptable to adding another garage, and there are additions on the site without ruining the aesthetics.

These are residential building designs that are commonly chosen by those who are having a home built. You can ask your contractor for advice on which design is best for you.   

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